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Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in General, Type 1 Diabetes | 12 comments

Blood Sugars, and Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Blood Sugars, and Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Recently I had one of those days.  You know those days when you do the right things and get the wrong results?  This day turned out to be all about doing blood sugars, and Butter Pecan Ice Cream and surprisingly enough it all happened on the way to and inside a big box retailer while I was waiting for a prescription refill.

3629524514_08999be9e9_zGoing Shopping

It started on the way; Sheryl was driving and I asked her to stop in the store so I could refill a prescription.   It was fine, after all we needed a few things so stopping in made sense for a couple of reasons.  Before we arrived, I decided to check my blood sugar and it was right around 70.  Knowing that I would be walking a bit I dug in my purse (yes I carry a purse, man clutch, murse, man bag, brosac, satchel, whatever you call it) and in it I carry my Glucolift tabs.  By the way, before you wince and say OMG I use Glucolift orange cream tabs and they are pretty good, but not good enough to want to eat, so no danger of dipping into the candy dish so to speak.

Anyway I dug in and got two orange cream tabs and popped them in my mouth and waited to exit the car.  Once inside I marched directly to the pharmacy and dropped off my prescription secure in the knowledge that my coupon was ready at my side for the $25.00 off my next bill if I filled a prescription at their pharmacy.   Yes as Charlie Sheen might say, I WAS WINNING!!!

Results and more

The pharmacy tech said it would be at least an hour so Sheryl and I started shopping for our groceries secure in the knowledge that we would soon be sporting a $25.00 bonus for transferring a prescription. Unfortunately, I felt a little odd so I pulled my cart over and did a blood sugar.  Wait what does this say?  302? Really?  In an instant I went from winning to Loosing!!!  Damn had my first blood sugar been that far off?  Surely not so I decided it was the Orange Cream Crumbs (OCC).  The OCC had gotten me.  So I did the gentlemanly thing, I licked my fingers and tested again. 103.  Wow, it was the OCC that was messing with me.  So I walked on confident I was once again WINNING!!!!

1374450290_charlie-sheen-winningA few more aisles and my CGM alarmed, it said I was 59.  Damn I was no longer winning I was LOSING!!!  So I pulled out my meter and Sheryl who has a clear head about these things said why don’t you go to the little snack area?  She said she would finish up and meet me there.  That made sense.  So I started for the snack area.

On the way I walked past the in store Ice Cream stand.  There in the window like the most valued possession ever was Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  Now let me stop here and say I have a weakness in my DNA for Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  I can’t help it.  I love Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  I love Butter Pecan milk shakes, oh hell I do not care about how it gets to my mouth I just love Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

So there I was standing at the ice cream counter with my Orange Cream tabs (the safe bet) and I had something else, something better than Orange Cream tabs; I had money to buy Butter Pecan Ice Cream which was staring right at me like my wife in our High School government class.  It was the devils’ conundrum.  Do I get the orange cream tabs out or do I buy Butter Pecan Ice Cream?   I caved.

Found, but not lost

Butter_pecan_caramel_ice_cream15 minutes later, my wife found me in the snack bar area. When she showed up she found me with my little cup of Butter Pecan Ice cream and sat down with me.  What is your blood sugar she asked?  I have no idea.  I thought you might be low?  I might be I replied.  What, didn’t you check Sheryl said?  I bought ice cream I replied.

How do you know you were not high?  I didn’t I said.  Well if you are high and you eat the ice cream you could be very high?   Yep, I said.  But the thing is I might also be low?  I had four readings from three devices all contradictory and I finally decided in the end I love Ice cream.  Yeah somedays are like that you do the right things and get the wrong results.  But then you find the answer.  In my case, it is Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

Oh and yes, my blood sugar was really around 60, the Dexcom had the correct number.  And the Ice Cream? Well that was an early Date of Gift present to myself.

You ask what is the Date of Gift?  It is the day God gave me to the world, which is usually the first day summer, usually the longest day of the year and sometimes Father’s Day, but it is always June 21 the day God gave me to the world.  Certainly a universal day of celebration, or something like that, at least in my mind.



signpost-take-care-of-childhood-around-the-school-1311194Take away for June 21, 2016

  • Carrying a brosac is the best
  • Butter Pecan Ice Cream is awesome
  • Orange Cream Crumbs are not cool
  • June 21, is my date of gift, everyone go celebrate !!!


  1. Happy birthday!

    My Dexcom and my Accu-Chek recently had a spat like this. Unfortunately, in my case it was my Accu-Chek that was wrong and I took a corrective dose for it as I was thinking my Dexcom was coming to the end of its life. I really should have rechecked! I still haven’t figured out why my Accu-Chek was 60 points off from my Dexcom as I’d just washed my hands, but something said “retest” (but not until after I had dosed, of course!) and then I found them to be only 5 points apart.

    It was a great day for pizza. Sometimes I think things go wrong on our behalf 😉

    • Thank you for the thoughtful remark and the kind birthday wishes. I hate when this happens. In my case a good wash would have solved the problem. But then again was it really a problem if one ends up with Ice Cream? I think pizza or ice cream are good outcomes for a fouled meter reading.

      • I’d definitely say it wasn’t truly a problem. Some days are just meant for those things – every once in awhile. Just like everyone else!

        By the way, it warms the cockles of my heart to see someone still ending a story with -30-. Fond memories!

        • I am so sorry I missed your comment.

          You know I can still taste that ice cream. LOL

  2. Looooved it! It’s been one of those weeks that all I see in the hospital are patients newly diagnosed with diabetes or with uncontrolled diabetes. Now, I wondered if they had too much butter pecan ice cream lol. Rick, at the end of the day you are only human and diabetes can be so tricky to manage even for the well controlled fellows. I’m so glad you got to enjoy a scoop of happiness 🙂

    • Christina:

      It has been at least one year since I had a scoop of Butter Pecan and more like 20 years since I had a Butter Pecan Milkshake (my dad hooked me on these while a child), so it was one of those, oh yeah I am in. The good news is I got my A1C today, and this one scoop of goodness did not cause any lasting damage. As I told my wife the other day, I am now on a new streak and one year from now; I may know a place to end up.

  3. I can definitely get behind any excuse to eat Butter Pecan ice cream!!!!

    • Karen:

      If my father were alive, the three of us could have a very good, hot afternoon, at the local cresant dairy in my old neighborhood. Even if it is no longer there, dad felt this was a sacred place for Butter Pecan ice cream.

  4. I feel so much better now. 😀 I’ve certainly had my share of those days, although mine don’t contain butter pecan anything (I’m allergic to pecans!) … mine are pretty much whatever no-no I’m currently fixated on and is also within reach. 😉 Right now, it’s Bolthouse Vanilla Chai Tea drink. Oh. My. Goodness!!! yum.

    • Geannine

      No, you are not alone. Sheyrl says I go up and down more than a seasaw at the park. The Vanillia Chai Tea sounds fantastic. I looked it up and I willing to spilt a case with you, but we might have to get some pretzels or chocolate as well.

  5. “Had four readings from three devices all contradictory and I finally decided in the end I love Ice cream.”…….Hahahahahaha this is how all the best decisions are made, and usually how I end up eating chocolate. I don’t know what butter pecan ice-cream is but I certainly want some now.

    Happy Birthday for the 21st 🙂 Hope it was a good one!

    • Ashleigh: Butter Pecan Ice Cream is heaven on earth. Well it was to me as a child anyway. You can catch some images on this page, but beware, it may make you want to run out and find some. As I think I said as a boy I would have it in milk shakes, which is how my father taught me to love it. Oh yeah, it was good that day i had this low, real good. And thank you for the Happy Birthday wish. I am excited to get started on my 43rd year with diabetes 🙂

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