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Posted by on Jan 8, 2017 in General, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes | 8 comments

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year !!!

Where were you when the year 2017 and everyone was yelling Happy New Year?  Me, I was in a chair with my computer on my lap half asleep. When Sheryl got up to kiss me (our tradition) the ball had dropped and the fake singing had already occurred.  For the first time in years I missed the ball drop, I missed the first local commercial after the New Year and I missed being the one to kiss Sheryl as opposed to her coming to kiss me.  In short, I came into this New Year already behind.

First Commercial

I know you are asking; the first local commercial of the year?  What is this all about? For years, I have watched for the first local commercial as a gauge to what my year would be like.   More or less here is my guide.  There is no science involved in any of this.  But my observations have proved uncannily inaccurate in the past.  That is what makes them so darn fun.

Local Car Dealer– Over the years this has been the more popular of the first local commercials.  When you see this, you can expect a big purchase year.  Things like more test strips, more biologic medications, more hospital bills.  The stuff that makes everything in a New Year more fun and frustrating.

Local mattress company- do not be afraid about this one.  It does not mean more broken love connections, in fact it means less. I believe that when I see this advertisement I may need to locate a new blanket.  Long hours huddled inside my house avoiding the cold and retreating from the relentless heat of summer seems to be on tap.  Of course this will drive up blood sugar and mess with my joints to the point I likely will not want to go out.  In the 25 years I have been watching for the first commercial this is the second most popular first commercial.

Local news or weather broadcast – these are gaining in popularity in recent years.  I hate them myself.  I find that they are routinely uninteresting.  Of course what they predict is anything but uninteresting.  Because this almost always heralds the start of incorrect medical news.  See a local news advertisement first, get ready for missed product launches, inaccurate academic studies and frighteningly wrong predictions about cures.  No doubt the first commercial of 1957 was about local news announcing the first of the annual news about the five year cure.

Vacation destination (local only) – I love these commercials and the most fun I can recall is for a place called Indiana beach.  Let me stress here Indiana has no sea so to say this is a beach is like suggesting that your neighbors’ pool is one of the Great Lakes.  Incidentally we do border on Lake Michigan but this place was nowhere near Lake Michigan.  When this or a similar commercial comes on first, it is a sure sign of unrealized expectations.  Yes it is a sure sign that someone will announce needles that do not hurt or Methotrexate that will not make you tired.  These are excellent ideas, but well, the needles will still hurt and the Methotrexate will still produce a hangover.

Local restaurant – Oh my goodness, hold on to your hat you need a diet.  Yes this will not be a good year to visit your cardiologist.  Get set to gain almost no matter how much you try to lose.  Yes it will be good until, well until you get to the doctor and she will start telling you to lose weight immediately.  Unfortunately, putting it on is much easier than taking it off and it takes 14.27 times the amount of time it took to put it on.

Pawn shop – insurance premium and co pay increases are on the horizon.  The great thing about the pawn shop advertisement is that it provides us a method to handle the calamity that will no doubt befall us.

How about good predictions?

Well I do know one good local commercial that I always hope for each year.  That is the local clothing store.  Now I will admit this is a rare bird.  But if you are fortunate enough to see one, it foretells an outward appearance of happiness.  Well in the words of Billy Crystal channeling Fernando Lamas “it’s better to look good than feel good”.  Hey a man needs something to hang on too.




Take away for January 8, 2017

  • Local commercials can be fun to watch
  • The first commercial year is meaningless
  • I love playing the game


  1. Love this!! I wish I paid attention to the first commercial I saw, but sadly, I did not. I hope you and Sheryl have a wonderful 2017!

    • Kelly, you can next year. That is the great thing about New Years. We get them once a year. I hope you have a Happy New Year as well.

  2. I think I’m going to subscribe to this method of prediction. sounds accurate enough.

    Dont worry, you’re not the only one who slept through news years. I fell asleep doing a jigsaw puzzle because my husband had gone out with his friends.

    I figured if I was asleep when the ball dropped then hopefully that means I might get enough sleep this year. Not sure what the puzzle means yet.

    • It is absolutely accurate in its inaccuracy. That is why I love it so much. I bet next year you will try to stay awake only too see the prediction. We have played this game for a number of years. This along with cabbage on New years day is my own tradition. I hope you will have some fun with it next year. Now the cabbage for prosperity is an even more improbable predictor.

  3. Love this post! I never thought about watching the first local commercial for the new year. But that is the main reason I watch the Super Bowl, to watch the commercials, which to me are the main attractions. But this is interesting. I shall have to try to stay awake this year.

    • It works on tape as well. I love this parlor game, which has no basis in fact but is a great deal of fun. Keep this post handy and take wagers on the outcome. I know a few years ago at a New Years Eve party I made, well less than $0.00 on wagers with this parlor game. 🙂

  4. Well, I’m late to the New Year’s prediction party, although with Chinese New Year’s just past, I’m not that late.

    No wonder you do this every year. What a creative tradition to have, Rick. May your year be filled with all good things, commercial predictions, notwithstanding!

    • Thank you for the kind thoughts Marianna, but it is never too late to have some fun. I actually borrowed this from a guy who used his TV to predict if he should venture out in the world. When he would get ready to leave he would ask his TV for advice on if he should go. He used commercials as the way the TV imparted direction. He did not go out much. Actually that was probably best.

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