Oops I did it again

In the fall of 2016 I fell and broke my ankle.  It felt awful, but I walked around on it for several days until my regularly scheduled visit to the Podiatrist. I asked if he would take a look at it.  He x-rayed my ankle and sure enough I had broken the Fibula.  The prescription was a boot for a few weeks, it would heal and things would be fine.  Before the New Year, my ankle was well healed.  To the extent that any break can be small, this was a small issue.  More an annoyance than a real problem.  Sheryl, and I often said, wow we dodged a bullet on that one.   There was no question we had.  A few weeks in a boot and some occasional ice seemed like a small price to pay for a fall.  We planned a nice vacation a week in Savanna, Georgia some time in Jacksonville, Florida to visit friends and a stop in Atlanta, Georgia to visit with friends.  The vacation was expertly timed for the end of March. We would be gone for ten days.  It was set to be a perfect time.

Then I did it again

I returned from a brief trip and I almost immediately got ill.  Knowing I had an RA infusion scheduled the next week; I went off to the doctor and asked for her advice on clearing up the sore throat.  By the time of my appointment, I was hacking loudly.  The doctor diagnosed Bronchitis and started me on an antibiotic (reasonable because of the immunosuppressant) to get me ready for the RA infusion the next week.  I also started a cough medicine.  I have used sugar free Tussin for years, it is like Robitussin without the high concentration of sugar.  It works great for me and as I said I have used it for years.

The first evening I was using the combination; I stayed up late and on my way to bed I stopped for some almonds.  The next thing I knew I was laying on the floor in a pile of spilled almonds and my ankle hurting very badly.  I pulled the bag of almonds off the counter and put a few away, but I lost my way again.  I have no idea how long I was out.

When I awoke, I crawled over to the bedroom door and started shouting for Sheryl.  We got me to bed with a pounding ankle and I knew I had broken it again.  This occurred late Thursday into Friday morning.  On Friday morning I was able to get in to see my Orthopedic Surgeon.  He x-rayed my ankle and told us what I already knew, the ankle was broken.   But this time it was more serious.   Sure enough I broke the Fibula once again in the same place.  But this time I also broke the Tibia (inside of the ankle) and that is more severe.


Surgery was scheduled for the following Thursday.  The boot was required once again (in addition to a knee walker as I was not to bear weight on the ankle). Post-surgery I had a knee high cast which was on for   eight days.  I was so happy to get back to the boot and continued using the knee walker.  Needless to say, our vacation plans were placed on hold.  I will require some extended recovery (likely a few weeks).  I cannot bear weight on the ankle for at least three weeks post-surgery, and I am guessing there may be Physical Therapy.

Ever hear of a knee walker?  They are perfect.  You put your bad leg up on the thing and push your good foot on the ground to propel yourself.   It is wonderful.  Well, it was wonderful until it was not.  Sure enough after two weeks of using the thing I was overconfident and while scooting across the garage floor, the front wheel got twisted in the expansion joint and the front wheel twisted sending me off the front end.  The saving grace was likely the padded boot on the surgical ankle.  I ended up with a bad scratch below my knee (not the leg with the broken ankle) but no real harm done except to the scooter.  It is no longer operable.

So, today as I write this I am using a trusty walker and boot.  I am not allowed to put weight on the surgically repaired ankle.  Spring is upon us and my bicycle needs its tune up so I can get it on the road.  I recently noticed the 30 day challenge to ride a bike in April (sounds fun) but I will miss it this year and I want to get things going in anticipation of the Tour De Cure (thankfully in the fall this year).

I know my ankle still hurts, and it is quite stiff.  The boot is annoying and the walker makes me feel a little incapacitated.  All I know is that missing our planned vacation has been a bummer.  So I am looking forward to getting things back in shape, taking a vacation and yes getting back on my bicycle.  And no, I do not intend to do it again. Trust me we do not need 8 times to have enough.





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