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Posted by on Aug 16, 2017 in General | 8 comments

RABlog week badge selection

RABlog week badge selection


I have 4 potential badges for use during RABlog week and I am asking the community to help select which of the 4 we use?  The survey will be open until midnight eastern on August 23, 2017 and you may vote as many times as you wish.  So if you have a favorite or you cannot decide; feel free to complete the survey again.

The triangle theme

All four badges include triangles of some type.  The triangle will form the basis of our questions this year.   The three sides representing medicine, self-reliance and support.  Medicine may be the most obvious leg of our triangle as we all rely on doctors and other health care providers to assist us.   But, in equal parts, we are able to function because of our individual self-knowledge and awareness.  Finally, we have those social support systems that help us to keep going.  These may be family, friends, or maybe a smiling stranger.  The prompts will focus on one of these three main themes.  But that is for another day.  Right now we are selecting our badge.

To do so, please use this link and identify the badge you like the best.  The one with the most votes will win and be selected as our 2017 badge. To be clear you do not need to be a blogger to help select the badge.  Anyone can help us out.   You can vote as many times as you wish and the voting will end at midnight August 23, 2017.

Please use this link to vote

Prompt suggestions

Every year I receive great prompt ideas when the list of potential prompts is posted for voting.  This time I am asking for prompt ideas during the badge voting.  If you have a prompt you would like included, please write me a note in the second question of the survey.  All suggested prompts will make it into the prompt selection survey when it opens in early September.

RABlog week

RABlog week this year will be five days starting on September 25, 2017 and the daily prompts will be announced by September 15 so we can all pre write if we wish.  The format will be the same as the last two years; we will select four prompts Monday – Thursday.  Friday will once again be the traditional prompt “Great blogs I have read this week” and we will have two wildcard prompts. Be sure and tell every one that badge slection is underway and feel free to share the post.

I hope everyone is ready to get our annual blog party started.  This year should be great fun.



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  1. #4 is my favorite but I also like 3.

    • Hey Kelly, Just tonight it is three votes for number 4. I predict it will be a close race.

  2. I like number 4

    • Mary, I think number 4 is doing very well after today.

  3. I like 4 best if you make the dates as visible as in #2 🙂

    • Hey, I am up to 40 responses this evening. It is very close between your selection and another.

  4. I like #4, too. It’s simple, elegant, and readable. NICE, Rick! :o)

    • Wren, left to my own devices I would have selected number 4. It came in second in the voting and really it was not all that close. The voter’s selected number 1 and it is a great badge. I recap the vote results on this post: Now the truth is the badge we chose is really nice. I hope it grows on you like it did on me. It is a cool badge.

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