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Prompts For 2015 RABlog Week


With 48 votes in– The #RABlog week line up is set

  •  Day 1 Monday, September 21, 2015

A day (or an hour) in your life – Pick a day, an hour or half a day and tell us what happens? Are you stiff when you get up in the morning? Tell us about getting ready to go somewhere, or going to a restaurant. Pick any unit of time and tell us what your life consists of.

  • Day 2 Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Managing RA fatigue – We all know that fatigue is a big part of many of our lives. How do you manage that fatigue? Perhaps you like a warm cup of tea or a hot bath. We all have our coping strategies. Describe anything you do to help with fatigue.

  • Day 3 – Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Explain your RA – perhaps you want to tell someone else, (doctor, sibling, child) pick a person and decide what to tell them. You might want to tell them about living with RA or what it is like to have RA? Perhaps you want to write a letter to a fictional person. You might also choose to write to a newly diagnosed person about life with RA.

  • Day4 – Thursday September 24, 2015RABlogbadge

Five things I have learned – write about the five things you have learned about yourself, or RA. Perhaps you have learned what things like physical pain, injections, or morning fatigue are like? Perhaps you have learned new things about yourself?

  • Day 5 – September 25, 2015

Exercise and RA – write about your favorite exercise. What do you like about it, and what keeps you going? Maybe you like to run marathons or do finger exercises. Perhaps you love to walk, or maybe stretching is your cup of tea. Maybe you are tired of being told to exercise? Give your readers the rundown on what does or does not move you.

  • Day 6, – September 26, 2015

Onset stories – tell us your stories about your diagnosis, what were you thinking, feeling or when did you first know something was wrong?

  • Day 7, – September 27, 2015

Great Blogs I have read – #RABlog week is at its heart a way for bloggers to connect. Tell others about the great blogs you have read this week. Perhaps you have found a gem from a blogger you did not know before this week. Or maybe one of your friends gave a special insight. Give the high five in print to another great blogger.


Three Wildcards have been selected.  Suppose one of the daily topics do not speak to you? No problem take one of the three wild card topics.

  • Wildcard 1

I feel supported – So many times we need support. When do you really feel supported? What do others do to help you feel supported? What is the main support they offer? Perhaps it is a medical professional or a family member. Tell the story of feeling supported in your life.

  • Wildcard 2

What is it in your life you really enjoy – Perhaps you enjoy kicking back on the patio or running a 5K. Tell us what you really enjoy and how that helps with RA. There are common everyday treats we give ourselves, or they might be the big gift we give ourselves when we really feel good.

  • Wildcard 3

You pick the blog– We had some great topic ideas suggested that did not make the list.  So for this wildcard you pick the blog. Maybe you want to discuss food or a cool story of  a biologic treatment that really made the difference.  You pick the blog, and we will add it to the list.  Go wild with the idea!!!   


Remember to use the #RABlog week Badge and or the Border on your site.  These images are free to use, decorate your site or your blog and have a blast.  You can copy the image into your blog or download the items from the website.


Or you can click here to download the badge

The border for 2015 Blog week is  


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ROCK THE BLOG IN 2015 !!!!!!!!!