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Prompts For 2016 RABlog Week




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To link your content select the link for each day, and a new page will open.  On the new page,  post the name of your blog in the name category  and the URL on the link page when it appears.  To read the posted content select the daily link and click one of the posted blog names on the page.


  • Monday September 26, 2016

Starting stories – tell us about your diagnosis, what were you thinking, feeling or when did you first know something was wrong? Or maybe you were having a break from a biologic medication and you decided to give it another try?


  • Tuesday September 27, 2016

Active versus reactive patients – We usually start as naïve and trusting patients, then at some point we realize we must take an active part in our own medical decisions. Tell the story of your move to active patient or why you are not there as yet.


  • Wednesday September 28, 2016

Biologics can be scary – What did you think the first time you Googled your biologic medication? What advice would you give a person just diagnosed when it comes to biologic medications? Give your readers the scoop on biologics


  • Thursday September 29, 2016

The pain of pain meds – Pain medication prescriptions are difficult to obtain and scary to use. What horror stories do you have because of new laws? Maybe you have been treated badly at the pharmacy or by family members? Tell your story today.


  • Friday September 30, 2016

Great Blogs I have read this week – RABlog week is, at its heart, a way for bloggers to connect. Tell others about the great blogs you have read over the week. Perhaps you have found a gem from a blogger you did not know before or maybe one of your friends shared special insight. Give the high five in print to another blogger or two who participated in 2016 RABlog week.


  • Wildcards

Advice column – What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten, or advice you can give about how to live well with chronic disease and pain.

Coping with depression – How do you manage the inevitable lows of having RA? Do you view RA as being forever or do you look forward to remission? What are the best ways to cope with the depression associated with RA?