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Kidney Disease


High blood sugar can cause the excretion of excess urine from the body. High blood sugar plus the increased stress on the kidneys from filtering more urine from the body can over time create damage. This damage is often termed kidney disease. This disease is treated by a Nephrologist (Kidney Doctor).

“The earliest sign of diabetic kidney disease is an increased excretion of albumin in the urine. This is present long before the usual tests done in your doctor’s office show evidence of kidney disease, so it is important for you to have this test on a yearly basis. Weight gain and ankle swelling may occur. You will use the bathroom more at night. Your blood pressure may get too high. As a person with diabetes, you should have your blood, urine and blood pressure checked at least once a year. This will lead to better control of your disease and early treatment of high blood pressure and kidney disease. Maintaining control of your diabetes can lower your risk of developing severe kidney disease“ (National Kidney Foundation 2015)

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