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Posted by on Apr 13, 2017 in General | 30 comments

Review of the Medtronic 630G Insulin Pump

Review of the Medtronic 630G Insulin Pump

I am going to break with tradition and state my recommendation at the outset I love the Medtronic 630G. However, please read the entire story because it is worth knowing my full experience with the pump.  Because like with most things there are both good and some not so good parts to owning a new piece of technology.

Getting started

When the 630G arrived, there were all kinds of warnings about leaving the pump alone until you call the local trainer.  So I immediately picked it up and started messing with it.  I also called my local representative and explained that I had my new pump, but due to insurance issues, I could not start the sensor for another month.  The trainer suggested I proceed with pump only training and then tag on sensor training when I received it.    So a few days after receiving the pump I was in class.

The day of training went very well.  The trainer gets a high five for adapting the class to the learner’s level. She made sure it was valuable for me (I have used Medtronic pumps for 17 years) and my wife who seldom if ever touches my pump.

About 30 days later insurance released my sensors, so we took the sensor training in the same place with a different trainer.  The sensor trainer was incredibly good.  Since I relate everything to the Dexcom experience, she again took me where I was and helped me develop insights about how my new sensor and pump work together.

Wearing the pump

I love the color screen.  The operation of the pump is easy and straightforward if you are familiar with prior Medtronic pumps.  But and this is a big “but” there are some new features and ways of doing things so don’t blow off training and expect to run the pump well.   I have no doubt I could be running the pump based entirely on what I knew from using the 530G, but I doubt I could run it efficiently.

One thing that needs improvement is the belt clip.  For some reason, this pump has the clip that breaks easily.  In a little over six weeks mine has broken 2 times.    I am a belt clip veteran, so I knew how to piece it back together and keep going.  I wonder why Medtronic cannot solve this issue.  Veterans of the various Medtronic pumps over the past few years know this has been an ongoing concern.  Albeit one I thought was resolved in the 530G, since my last belt clip was approaching 3 years of use with no issues.  Medtronic will send a new belt clip every time the thing breaks.  In fact, if you call their help line for anything it tells you for a broken belt clip press one for replacement instructions.  So my first gripe: please this clip design does not work so let’s get it fixed.

What I love about the pump

It is a complex machine that is relatively simple to operate.  It does exactly what it is designed to do, and it works smoothly and efficiently.  I rate it at 5 times improved over the 530G.  The color screen is so much friendlier.  I love that it tells me when it is time to do a set change.  Not just in days but in hours and minutes on the final date.

For the first time in two generations of pumps, I think they have the pump/meter combination working well.  When I use the meter, I am given the chance to calibrate the sensor or not, but on the same screen, I can administer the bolus.  I do not have to wait for the pump to do the calibration before I can bolus.  I love that.  The menu options are clear, even if changing the Basal settings seems a little clumsy.  And the sensor integration (a future post) is so well done.

It took some getting used to, but I like the vertical orientation of the pump.  For me at least it allows for more information to be packed on the screen without opening a menu to get answers.  For instance, there is a battery indicator.  I can see with one glance how my battery is doing along with my sensor age, current sensor readings, and active insulin.

Fast delivery is a new option.  The pump has a quick bolus delivery mode.  You put in your bolus and almost instantaneously it is delivered.  The trainer suggested we not use this feature until we are familiar with the pump.  I have yet to turn this setting on.  I am not certain why I need to do that, especially with such a short cannula, but I bet it may be useful for the next generation 670 G.   At any rate, it can be turned on or off, I have just not gotten around to turning it on.

What I dislike about the pump

Nothing is perfect, and this pump is no exception.  First, let me say even with what I am going to tell you I still would buy this pump. But I feel the need to be truthful.  So here goes, I have used the pump for five weeks, and this is my third pump.  So let me explain.  Within a week the first pump had a non-delivery error.  I called Medtronic, and they replaced it with an overnight shipment.  That happened the first week of wearing it.

The second pump developed a critical error that reset my entire pump back to factory settings.  I called Medtronic, and they let me know the protocol was not to replace my pump until this particular issue occurred twice.  However, since I was feeling skittish about the pump, they replaced it without question.  Again I got the package overnight, and I was able to set up the new pump quickly.  After all, I was getting to be an expert.

Then less than a week after putting my third pump in service and while on a flight to Dallas the new pump also reset to factory settings with the same error codes as the second one.  When I got to my hotel, I called Medtronic, and I was very upset.  Once again they offered to replace the pump, but I was traveling, so an overnight shipment was difficult.  The supervisor assured me the pump was safe to use and that protocol was to replace the pump, on the second error like this.   After a 1 hour discussion, I decided to keep wearing the third pump.  I have not had any further issues.

I have not found others who experienced this type of failure, let alone two in a row.  I do not have any explanation as to how this happened.  With the third error, the question came up about going through airport screening.  Did I go through the scanner?  No, I always ask for and receive manual pat downs.  The last error occurred over a month ago, and I have had no other issues.

So am I unlucky?  Is there a pump issue?  I do not know.  What I do know is that Medtronic’s service was fantastic.   I received excellent telephone support and overnight delivery of two pumps.  Medtronic did not hesitate to offer a new pump for the second or third issue.  Not taking it for the third issue was my decision.   And as I said earlier there have been no further errors.

One other thing bothers me about the pump. One has to be very intentional to operate the pump.  To do anything with the menus, one must first select a button the pump displays.  I think of it as the human test.  Then to deliver a bolus one must set the bolus amount, press enter and then confirm the intention by pressing enter again.

I understand this is a safety feature and yes it will prevent accidentally delivering a bolus.  But I had a steep learning curve that meant I thought I had delivered several boluses only to discover later they had not been delivered because I did not press the second enter.  For me at least it took some doing to get into the rhythm of pressing two buttons to give a bolus (first world problems).


Despite the various issues I am thrilled with the 630G.  It operates in a cool way and I am looking forward to bridging over to the 670 G this summer.    I have to take the major errors in stride.  I honestly have no idea what happened.  The pumps were manufactured at different times so I do not think it was a particular component or code that led to the failures.  Maybe it was simply my bad luck?   I have stuck with it because of the experience of other members of the diabetes online community.  No one else I could find reported these major errors with the 630G.  Of course it could be happening that this particular pump is prone to such errors.  But I have now used it for six weeks without a new occurrence.    So yes, I am all in on the pump, I love the features and ease of use.  And I have my fingers crossed (not easy for a guy with RA) on the issue of long term reliability.




  1. Hello Rick,

    I have the 630 too but I have had no problems so far. If I bolus and end up forgetting to confirm the last button, the pump warns me that the bolus didn’t go through. Doesn’t yours do that?? What I don’t like is THE CLIP! The pump has unclipped and fell on the floor several times(and one time even bouncing twice!!) Still worked though. Their former clip was much “studier”. I don’t use the sensors (I use FreeStyle Libre that I pay for myself) I’m not sure when the 670 will be available for me.

    • Mine does beep if I forget to double confirm the bolus. I think my trouble with it is more annoyance than difficulty. I am so used to the single entry system that I am used too on the previous 4 pumps. But it is getting easier each day.

      Then the clip. Grr!!! I had this on one of the Revel pumps. Then I purchased 6 spare clips, and it was fixed. I do not think I had a single clip failure with the 630G. So when I switched pumps I gave my old clips away. Then in the first week, the pin that holds the clip in place came apart once again. I was like ahh man. Then like you, my pump fell off a couple of times (no bounce here however).

      I really like the Medtronic sensor. This generation sensor is wonderful. I understand the next generation with the 670G is even better. I am excited to get one this summer. I am hopeful that you get the chance to try it out as well.

  2. I hate the 630g pump. It is bigger, bulkier, black with a lousy clip, and is a terrible system with the enlite CGM. As a woman I love to clip it into my bra. The increase in size makes a difference. Dexcom is far superior and much more accurate. I have had my pump turn off several times for falsely low bl sugars and/or alarm me t/out the night. Calibrating this sensor is ridiculous. It’s 3-4 x day. That I don’t even mind but God forbid you calibrate it and take a bolts at the same time. You are supposed to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes then retest to use that blood sugar to bolus. This pump has made me have to make diabetes my life instead of living with diabetes. I also am a stomach sleeper another no no for Medtronics CGM. Medtronics should be the leader of the pump industry but instead they have made $ off of us. Get it right Medtronics!! That’s why they lost a lot of business to Dexcom yrs ago. And pls don’t get me started on their care link system that has not been upgraded for 11 yrs.

    • I am sorry you are having such difficulty. That certainly has not been my experience. I really do love the pump and the sensor.

  3. In Australia this is the 640G. Completely agree with the belt clip. Its pretty useless and falls off the clothing I have clipped it to alot.

    I have had a replacement pump due to battery error – but this is easy fix myself. Its a common error with this pump. If you do get a battery error, just take out your battery, wait for the pump to run out of juice & then insert a new battery. I only replaced the pump cos it happened a few times. But not an error to worry about.

    Hope you enjoy it – I love mine!!

    • Ashleigh,

      I do love my pump and it is working so well I am anxious to get to the 670G as soon as possible.

  4. A very thorough review, Rick. I’m not a pump user myself, though I used one years ago.

    • Oh Emma, I think if you used one today you would enjoy it. I did not use one for 28 years and I love it.

      • Just got the 630G put in today and will wait 2 weeks before using the sensor. The 670G sounds awesome and I wish I could have gotten that now. This is my very first pump. Diabetic since October 1969 and have had problems with lows the past dozen years. I am active and do physical work so this should help greatly.

        • Jay, I was diagnosed in 1974 and I did not get a pump for the first 27 years of having diabetes. I am closing in on my 43rd-year now and I will never give up on the pump. I do have to offer that there will be a learning curve. After the first 2 weeks, you may say this is not for me. I tell people everything will seem to move in slow motion for a couple of weeks. If you stick with it I promise it will be a great addition to your care.

  5. HATE MY PUMP! Sensor quit…just sent me a new one (i’ll see if it works longer than 2 weeks). 3 weeks in and i’m not sure why, but bolus doesn’t seem to do anything. My sugar level went to 300, i did the bolus, 30 minutes later i was at 400. another bolus and it went to 420 and I took an injection (same kind of insulin). I’m meeting with my pump educator today, and i’ll try to keep going but I’ve spent too much time on the phone with help desk and i just am not happy with this product—hopefully that changes soon.

    • Russell, Sorry you are having such issues. Mine is working out great.

  6. If everything is working correctly it’s great. So far for me, things haven’t been. Have had problems with the pump not pumping. Seems to be my infusion sets. Sometimes it says it is blocked and other times it doesn’t say anything but just doesn’t put insulin into my body. Frustrating. Seems like it should be able to tell and tell you if insulin is not being put into your body. Stupid, imo. It should know. My first sensor was always showing way lower than my meter reading even after calibrating at every meal and at bedtime. So I changed it after 2 days and the next one has been right on. Have ordered the 670G and have been told how awesome it is by my doctor’s RN who had training on it and who is a pump expert.

    • I am sorry you are having this difficulty. I hope by now things are working out better. If you still need some assistance from other users I suggest you consider you will find wonderful forums and usually some online help. If that format does not appeal to you might consider which is the new (but still different) owner of TUDiabetes.

      I hope you are having good success with the pump.

  7. I just received the 630G pump and after seeing the reviews I am worried about keeping it. I have been using the Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm for many years and love it. This time I thought I would use the 630G insulin pump however after reading the reviews I wonder if I should just stick with the original.

    • Karen: I hope you will give it a chance. I love my pump and despite a bit of a learning curve I am completely satisfied. I used the 530c as well and found the transition easy, but I do have to acknowledge it is different.

      If you like I can put you in touch with a rep from Medtronic to work on any issues.

  8. I just received my pump last week and I’m very disappointed in the cheaply made clip! It doesn’t clip in that well and constantly falls off. Please make a better clip. I’m afraid that it will fall off one day and the pump cracks

    • Julie, I am sorry the clip is not working. I suggest calling the Medtronic support line at 1-800-646-4633. They have an automated option for clip replacements. What I have found is that if I watch the metal rod at the clip hinge and periodically press it back into position the clip works well. This is sort of like using the older Revel series pumps. But with the clip being new I would replace it right away. Definitely, call Medtronic for a replacement.

    • Just happened to me. Top of the resevoir just cracked off. It’s not the pin in the clip that’s the problem. It has no spring tension compared to the VEO’s clip. So it slides off clothing continuously. One day I stood up from a meeting and it popped off, swung forward and crashed into my boss’ desk. How embarrassing. This time I don’t even know what it hit, but yup, cracked.

      • Hi Lisa, sorry for the lateness of the reply, and sorry for the broken clip. I know I am late with the reply but if you do not know Medtronic will send you a free replacement clip. These replacements work just like the original. Meaning, yeah they break just like the original. 🙁

        But the good news, they are free and better yet you do not even have to talk to anyone to get one.

  9. I hate my 630g pump. I have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows with this pump. The infusion site rarely lasts 3 days like it is supposed to do. Just when I think it’s finally working like it should it will stop, error out for some unknown reason and then my BS shoots up to 551! I also got down to a 21 while on this pump. I’m ditching this stupid device and going back to shots.

    • Gary, this sounds just awful. I have not heard of anyone else with these issues with the infusion sites or 630G pump. If you like I am a Medtronic Ambassador (I was enrolled in August of this year) and I can have someone give you a call? If you are interested give me a note at and I will have a representative give you a call. I hope by now the pump is doing better. But let me know, if not.

    • Hi i have just decided to do the same but scared i have the latest medtronic pump and sensors and my control couldnt be worse, i have been diabetic for 36yrs and on a pump for 10of the last years feeling over run with wires major marks all over my body from snesors that scar and leave rings from the tape and my control is hopeless i found a new dr yesterday who is also diabetic type one who users pens and long acting control is spot on im ready to revert not happy

      • I am sorry you are having a tough time. I was thrilled with my 630g and love the 670g even more. I wish you the very best.

  10. 630 G
    Constant delivery blocked alarms…is the pump too sensitive to back pressure? Is there a problem with the infusion sets? You cannot get a solution from Medtronic. No problem with the old pump except when the screw mechanism failed.

    • I think I might try a different box of infusion sets. The sets themselves did not change so if a different box does not help it might be the pump. I know I am a little late responding so I hope things have worked out. If you wish I can contact Medtronic on your behalf and have the issue looked at by a different person. If you do let me know at

  11. Thankyou for sharing your review I enjoyed the read. Technology can be interesting and frustrating at the same time I guess. Anyway great post Rick. I have never learnt about pumps so Thankyou for educating me on the subject.

    • Thanks for the kind comment Judith. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

  12. Is the 630G calibrated to stop delivery when back pressure is exceeded at a lower level than the previous Medtronic pump? It appears that the pump shuts down so much quicker than the old pump for blocked delivery. It even does that when you are just trying to prime, then you have to manually prime to get the pump past this point.

    • James. I did not notice this when I was using the pump. If you like I can have a representative form Medtronic reach out to you on your email or another method to answer the question.

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