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Diseases Caused by RA and Diabetes

RA and diabetes can create some other not very nice side effects in the human body.   While good control of both diseases can forestall or even eliminate the negative outcomes, it is not uncommon for one or more to rear their ugly head.  This page offers links to resources for those who suffer from the side effects.  There are others, including clinical depression which I have not found good resources for as of yet.  But once I do I will add that and other links.  In the meantime just know that a diagnosis of one of these conditions does not sentence you to any of these conditions.  This page is not a statement of what will happen.  It is rather a statement of where to get help if it happens.

Diseases Caused by RA and Diabetes



Kidney disease


Lung disease

Heart disease


Have a resource you would like to post?  I am always looking for the best stuff.  Contact to request an addition.